Our Murray Farms Family



Laura M. Murray

Laura has been an organic farmer since 1989, working with Scott to cultivate fresh specialty produce for restaurants and retail stores. Training in 2005 as an organic inspector Laura stepped into the world of certification as the National Organic Program was beginning to expand. She now travels across the US and Canada performing organic inspections for growers, producers, handlers and retailers. 

At Edge of Urban Farm we have a CSA program to feed friends and neighbors from our small farm site near the San Luis Rey River. The activities at the farm translate well as educational field trips for groups such as Girl Scouts and homeschool families. Our plans always include outreach and education for home gardeners and aspiring young farmers.


Lily Murray

A student of internet marketing and a brilliant intuitive cook, Lily has been building her freelance photography business since she was 15 years old. Check out her work on lilymurrayphotography.com 


Joe Murray

Joe has over a decade of experience in restaurant service and has been farming with his parents since he could walk.