Scott A. Murray

Committed to organic regenerative agriculture since his college days, Scott A. Murray is the foremost sustainable agriculture consultant. With 40 years of organic production experience in the United States and Mexico Scott provides expert skills from seed to soil to sales. Whether you are envisioning a bespoke personalized family garden or a multi-acre farm, Scott provides exceptional support.

Scott has planned farms throughout Southern California. With projects for San Diego County’s San Pasqual Academy Agriculture Program to Ventura County’s newest farm-to-restaurant ventures, Scott’s clients have benefited from his years of expertise. His recent projects include planning and implementing the first coffee plantation on an avocado ranch in San Diego County. A coffee cultivation research project at Whittier College is also under way with Scott’s direction.

Coffee has become a viable crop for Southern California’s farming community. Water resources are a precious commodity, as witnessed along I-15, many growers have shut down their groves. The region has seen growers embrace coffee as an alternative and the results are extremely encouraging.

Scott also provides guidance as an organic consultant for food producers developing Organic System Plans and practices for compliance to the National Organic Program certificate requirements.

Elected 27 years ago Scott serves as the Board President of the Mission Resource Conservation District. Scott, along with the Board of Directors, guides conservation projects for residents and businesses in San Diego County. MCRD employs a team of experts supporting water and natural resource conservation.

Scott is available to support your organic program- contact Scott today